Brand You! – Distinct or Extinct?

We are in a brawl with few rules, where the fast, adaptive, and agile will expunge the slow, over-thinking, and complacent. In the past, change was episodic, transient, and gradual; now, change is constant as business, technology, and society itself continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace that will only accelerate. Talent, ideas, speed and distinction are keys to winning in the New World of Work.

Individuals, teams, and organizations that fail to develop a distinct ‘brand’ and separate themselves from the pack in this New World of Work will find themselves vulnerable, uncomfortable, and at the mercy of other people, events, or the competition. The white waters of change are unnerving for many. But the fact is they will only become more turbulent. For organizations and employees who are unprepared, the future will be devastating.

The forces below have coalesced to take aim at employees, teams and organizations. They are relentless and unforgiving.

Individuals, teams and organizations must be prepared to convincingly answer these critically important questions…

  1. Who are you? What makes you distinctive in this ‘sea of sameness?’
  2. How are you dramatically unique or different?
  3. How do you make a significant difference, or create an astonishing overt benefit?
  4. What is/are your reason/s why anyone should believe in you? Convince me!

Employers, customers and clients (external and internal) have an abundance of choices today. What would draw someone to you? What makes you different? What are you doing to leverage these forces in order to grow, adapt, innovate, and thrive in the future?

For individuals, say hello to the age of self-determination. The days of 25-35 years with one employer and a gold watch retirement are long gone. The era of ‘entitlement’ is history. Today it is about your ability to effectively answer the 4 questions listed above. You are CEO of your life, career and destiny. In this New World of Work, it is about an insatiable appetite to develop distinctive skills and competencies, learning something new every single day, and being able to demonstrate that you bring exceptional value to your team or organization. Complacency, arrogance, ego, lack of urgency and resisting change are the road to ruin. What is one to do? 

Be sure to check back for the answers.

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