Achieve with Accountability

Ignite Engagement, Ownership, Perseverance, Alignment and Change

Achieve with Accountability is your personal handbook for awakening your (or your team or organization’s) inner confidence, drive, perseverance, determination, resolve, and can-do mindset. It will hone your skills and capacity to achieve what matters most.

Transform accountability into an engaging, upbeat, positive, forward looking experience that will secure you, your team, and your organization a position in the new world of work.

  • Cultivates resiliency, agility and steely resolve
  • Boosts collaboration, teamwork and camaraderie
  • Accelerates change
  • Crumbles silos and abolished territorialism
  • Establishes unshakable trust, credibility and loyalty
  • Obliterates excuse-making and the blame-game
  • Invigorates ownership, engagement and alignment
  • Unleashes creativity and a solutions focus
  • Improves communications
  • Taps the leadership capacity that resides within us all
  • Arouses voluntary contributions of discretionary performance

All topics and content are available as: Keynote Speeches, Breakout Sessions, and Workshops

In today’s complex, highly competitive and global environ­ment, those who will survive and thrive in this new world of work are individuals, teams, and organiza­tions who can maintain high levels of accountability and remain focused on must-achieve desired results.

Discover what impels top-performing individuals, teams and organizations to excel, thrive, and achieve their most desired results.

Without fluff, hyperbole, rhetoric, or complicated models, Achieve with Accountability reveals how individuals, teams and organizations adopt and nourish the focus, determination, resolve and perseverance needed to achieve what is most important. Complacency and the status quo are the death-knell to individuals, teams and organizations. This must-have resource reveals how to develop the agility, flexibility, and resiliency to flourish in today’s unpredictable world of constant change.

Learn how to embrace and instill a solutions-oriented focus even in the face of obstructions, impediments and difficulties. You will learn how to extinguish the toxic peak-performance inhibitors of apathy, cynicism, entitlement, indifference, disarray, discomfort and despair. Achieve with Accountability equips individuals, teams, and organizations with the keys to take control of their destiny to achieve what matters most.

Praise for Achieve with Accountability

A great read for anyone who wants to push the boundaries of personal, team or organizational performance. Mike demystifies accountability in a way that lowers the barriers to achievement.
Alan Fine

Best-Selling Author of You Already Know How To Be Great, Founder/President of InsideOut Development LLC

Achieve with Accountability focuses on the principle that fits hand and glove with what I have spent most of my career teaching in the time and life management field, and that is the mindset of owning your life, owning your mistakes, owning your goals and owning your choices. …Mike claims that you can “transform accountability into a positive experience that can catapult your team and business to new heights, and achieve what matters most”, and he is absolutely right.

Hyrum Smith
Co-Founder, FranklinCovey
Co-Founder, 3Gaps

During the many years, I’ve known Mike Evans, I have found him to be a real ‘cut to the chase and let’s make it simple’ sort of a fellow. The groundbreaking work in this book clearly illustrates that point. In it, Evans dissects optimum human performance to its very foundation of accountability. For without it, there is only poor performance, sub-optimal performance or literally no performance at all. There is truly no ‘reason to be’. Mike provides the reader with a prescription for optimal individual, team and organizational performance.
Al Adams

Former Executive Vice President, Tom Peters Company

This work brings to life Mike’s depth of understanding and work with organizations and the people who comprise them.  A masterful leader and change agent, Mike unravels “accountability,” through insight, questioning, and execution models leading to high performance.  A must read for those who want to excel and keep their organizations competitive.
Phyllis Moore

Former Senior Vice President, Kotter International

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