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Thrive Through Artificial Intelligence Impact, Disruption & Change, and Today’s Sea of Sameness

FUTURE WORK – FROM BRAWN TO BRAINS: Thriving Through the Robot Rumble of the New World of Work

Imagine a gladiator arena, but instead of swords and shields, the weapons are algorithms and automation. Seven disruptive forces are circling, aiming to replace, reinvent, and disrupt our jobs, our departments and entire industries. The crowd roars, demanding agility, resilience, and leadership from those who dare to enter. Are you ready to step into the ring?

This keynote isn’t about fearing the rise of the machines, but unlocking the secrets to coexisting and even thriving alongside them. Forget outdated tactics. Clinging to the status quo is like wearing a blindfold in a laser tag game.

  • Strategies to outmaneuver AI: Learn how to leverage your uniquely human strengths – creativity, empathy, and leadership – to stay ahead of the automation curve.
  • The antidote to “commoditization”: Discover how to cultivate your personal and organizational brand and stand out in a sea of sameness. Think David vs. Goliath, but with a killer social media presence.
  • Resilience in the face of relentless change: We’ll show you how to transform your culture from obligation to aspiration, where change is embraced and accountability thrives. It’s adapting with the grace of a dancer, not the rigidity of a brick wall.
  • Unlocking the secrets of the “New World of Work”: Gain invaluable insights on the essential skills and competencies needed to not just survive, but thrive. We’ll show you how to paint your own success story on the canvas of the future.

This isn’t just a keynote, it’s a call to action. Leave equipped with the tools and mindset to not only weather the storm of disruption, but ride its waves to unimaginable heights. Are you ready to step into the arena and claim your victory in the New World of Work?

Key Learnings and Takeaways:

  • Thwart AI and disruption with human superpowers.
  • Cultivate distinction in a world of sameness.
  • Fuel innovation, agility, and growth.
  • Position yourself for long-term success.
  • Transform your culture for a brighter future.

Join us and become the gladiator who not only survives, but thrives in the New World of Work!

Remember, the future isn’t a threat, it’s an opportunity. Are you ready to seize it? Drawing from real-world examples and cutting-edge research, this keynote explores the critical importance of agility, resilience, and forward-thinking leadership in navigating the complexities of today’s disruptive environment. For those willing to adapt, the future is not a threat, but a canvas upon which to paint their success story.

P.S. We’ll also sprinkle in a healthy dose of humor to keep you engaged and inspired. After all, who says learning about the future can’t be fun?


Accelerate Achievement of What Matters Most

NAVIGATING THE RAPIDS OF CHANGE: Ignite Passion, Ownership and Unprecedented Results

Imagine: Your team, once stagnant, now surfs the waves of change with passion, agility, and unmatched results. Disruption becomes opportunity as your people embrace transformation, fueled by a burning desire to excel. This is the power of leading change effectively.

But let’s face it: Most change initiatives end up like shipwrecked dreams, mired in resistance and mediocrity. Why? Because traditional methods often treat people like cargo, dragged along instead of inspired to contribute.

This keynote shatters the mold.  Join me as I reveal the secrets of exemplary leaders who navigate the rapids of change with remarkable success. Discover:

  • The 5 Pillars of Change Agility: Move beyond compliance and ignite voluntary commitment that propels results.
  • From “Have-To” to “Want-To”: Craft a culture where change is welcomed, not dreaded.
  • Leadership Redefined: Learn the crucial difference between managing change and leading through it.
  • Blasting Through Barriers: Identify and demolish the pitfalls that sabotage even the best plans.
  • Unlocking Hidden Potential: Tap into your team’s creativity, passion, and ownership for unprecedented results.
  • Vision that Inspires: Discover the secrets to communicating a clear vision that galvanizes action.
  • The “Forces of Change”: Equip your team to thrive in the face of constant disruption.
  • Unleashing Passion and Purpose: Arouse a burning desire in your people to contribute and leave their mark.

This is not just another presentation. It’s an experience.

You’ll leave with:

  • Actionable strategies: Ready-to-use tools to implement immediate change.
  • Shifting mindsets: Learn to identify and overcome limiting beliefs.
  • A personalized roadmap: Craft a plan to build a culture that thrives on change.
  • The “Aha!” moment: Uncover the root cause of your change challenges and unleash powerful solutions.

Are you ready to transform your team into a force of nature that thrives in the face of change? Then strap on your life jacket and embrace the journey!


Culture Shaping

Unlock the Hidden Power Within: Create Your Optimal Peak-Performing Culture

Imagine: Your team, humming with purpose, innovation soaring, and barriers evaporating. You achieve “lofty growth, distinction, innovation, collaboration and more” not through external efforts, but through the unleashed potential within your own people. This is the power of intentionally shaping your culture.

Tired of trudging uphill? Your current culture might be the invisible anchor holding you back. But what if you could transform it into an engine propelling you towards extraordinary results? Culture, simply put, is the convergence of the way your employees think and act. That culture is producing your organization’s every result (financial, operational, customer, employee, etc.). Creating shifts in the way employees think and act, launches you toward your desired results.  This keynote is your roadmap.  Discover:

  • The Hidden Wealth: Learn how to tap into the untapped creativity, passion, and commitment of your employees – a goldmine often left idle.
  • Culture as Your Brand: Your culture is like a beacon, attracting or repelling talent and shaping your competitive edge. Will it attract the best and drive innovation, or hinder progress?
  • From Apathy to Action: Ignite a culture of engagement, accountability, and alignment. Watch silos crumble and collaboration take flight.
  • Beyond Compliance: Forget enforcing policies. Learn how to inspire voluntary commitment for faster, better results.
  • Laser Focus: Cut through confusion and achieve organizational clarity: everyone aligned, moving daily towards the same desired results.

More than just takeaways, you’ll gain:

  • Actionable strategies: No fluff, just practical steps to implement immediately.
  • Shifting Mindsets: Learn to identify and shift limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • The “Aha!” Moment: Uncover the root cause of your cultural challenges and unlock powerful solutions.
  • A Personalized Roadmap: Leave with a clear plan to build a culture that thrives in the “new world of work.”

This is not just a speech, it’s a transformation. Are you ready to unlock the hidden power within your people and achieve results beyond your wildest dreams? Then embrace the journey towards an exceptional culture, and watch your organization soar.


Unleash the Untamed Force Within: Where Accountability Ignites Success

Imagine: Individuals and teams pulsating with purpose, achieving intoxicating heights not through obligation, but through choice. Barriers become fuel, silos crumble, and a relentless spirit of “whatever it takes” propels everyone forward. This is the transformative power of accountability unleashed.

Stop settling for lukewarm results. Traditional approaches often leave employees disengaged, siloed, and operating far below their potential. This keynote is your antidote.

Join me on a journey to explore accountability, not as a burden, but as a superpower. Discover:

  • The 4 Pillars of Untamed Accountability: Unlock the secrets that ignite commitment, ownership, and peak performance.
  • From Compliance to Passion: Shatter the chains of obligation and unleash voluntary contributions that fuel extraordinary results.
  • Crushing Silos, Building Bridges: Transform fractured teams into collaborative powerhouses fueled by trust and unshakeable camaraderie.
  • The “Can-Do” Mindset: Break through self-imposed limits and cultivate a steely resolve that conquers any obstacle.
  • Eradicating Excuses: Silence the blame game and embrace a solutions-focused approach that drives progress.
  • From Apathy to Action: Spark a contagious fire of passion and watch mediocrity evaporate.
  • Your “Desired Brand”: Craft a powerful personal and team identity that secures your future and commands respect.
  • Alignment Unleashed: Connect everyone to a shared vision, creating a symphony of action that achieves the impossible.

This is not just a speech, it’s an experience. You’ll leave with:

  • Actionable strategies: Ready-to-use tools to ignite accountability immediately.
  • Shifting mindsets: Learn to identify and overcome limiting beliefs.
  • A personalized roadmap: Craft a plan to build an unshakeable culture of accountability.
  • The “Aha!” moment: Uncover the true potential within yourself and your team.

This  transformative approach to accountability and peak performance has garnered acclaim worldwide. The key learnings and takeaways provide a roadmap for individuals and teams to achieve unparalleled success and make their mark in today’s dynamic landscape.

Are you ready to unleash the untamed force within and propel your team to intoxicating heights of success? Then embrace the journey and watch your potential ignite!


    UNLEASH THE LEADERSHIP WITHIN: Ignite Engagement, Spark Change, Achieve What Matters Most

    Imagine: Your organization buzzing with engaged, empowered leaders at every level. No longer just titles, they become engines of innovation, collaboration, and unstoppable achievement. This is the power of unlocking leadership potential within everyone.

    Forget the myth of “born leaders.” Leadership is a choice, a skillset, and a superpower waiting to be unleashed. This keynote is your activation manual.

    Join me, as we explore the practices of exemplary leadership:

    • Cracked Code: Discover the 5 key traits employees crave in their leaders, backed by 100,000 real-world case studies.
    • Beyond Titles: Learn how to impart influence, transform teams, and achieve without relying on formal authority.
    • From “Us vs. Them” to “We”: Shatter silos and build a united force fueled by purpose, not division.
    • Engagement Explosion: Ignite the passion, creativity, and commitment often left dormant within your people.
    • Vision Ignites Action: Discover the art of communicating a vision that sparks unwavering dedication.
    • Proven Tools & Tactics: Equip yourself with practical models and principles to unlock your leadership potential.
    • Change Champion: Learn to navigate even the most complex transformations with grace and success.

    This is not just a speech, it’s a transformation. You’ll leave with:

    • Actionable strategies: Ready-to-use tools to ignite leadership within yourself and your team.
    • Shifting mindsets: Learn to identify and overcome limiting beliefs about leadership.
    • A personalized roadmap: Craft a plan to build a culture where leadership thrives at every level.
    • The “Aha!” moment: Uncover the true leader within yourself and empower others to do the same.

    Are you ready to unleash the collective leadership potential of your organization and achieve the impossible? Then embrace the journey and watch your people rise!


      I first met Mike at an industry event in Florida. I was so moved by his presentation that afterwards I shook his hand and told him that he just changed my life forever. About a month later I invited him to make a similar presentation for our company during our annual Christmas luncheon. Mike presented to over 225 guests and that were engaged and motivated. The next day he made a full day presentation to 40 of our managers and sales team. Our team is still talking about the event and quoting lines from his book.
      Navid Yavari

      CEO, PAI Industries

      Mike Evans participated as a keynote speaker in The IIA’s General Audit Management Conference. His leadership presentation really resonated with the audience of executives in internal audit. Mike is one of our highest rated speakers and as a result is being asked back to present at the All Star Conference which is the conference where we showcase encore presentations from the highest rated speakers. This is a great testament to his ability to provide an audience with practical strategies, tools and techniques for positive outcomes in their practice setting. I look forward to future opportunities to include Mike in The IIA’s conference programs.
      Sheena Majette

      Managing Director, Conferences, IIA

      For our inaugural “Elevation 101” conference with the theme “Captivate on Change”, I was on the search for the best Keynote speaker to cover the topic of “Change Management”. During my search, I came across Mr. Mike Evans, we connected on Zoom, and since that moment, I knew that he would be the perfect main speaker for this event. But I have to say that Mike actually exceeded all of my expectations. He has a great stage presence and engages amazingly with the public. He is well-prepared and ready to share all his knowledge with the rest of the world. I cannot wait to collaborate with Mike again in other seminars. He has so much more to teach us. I hope to be working beside him in the near future.
      Surella Henrietta

      Director of Events , H&H

      We knew we’d found something special from the first phone call we had with Mike. He asked simple yet thought provoking questions designed to help him really understand our organization and the challenges facing us. Mike spoke at our annual group conference and he nailed it. His energy started the day off right and his message showed he listened to what we said and incorporated the themes into his keynote. The feedback from the group has been extremely positive. We’ve had experiences with speakers in that past who have missed the mark, but Mike really demonstrated the value of having an external perspective from an industry expert. Consistently what we are hearing is Mike was the best part of the conference.
      Kris Rodemack

      Finance Controller, Intel

      I had a chance to attend Mike Evans’s presentation at the internal auditor’s association at Washington DC. To a certain extent, people tend to look for a way to keep status quo as it provides mind of safety. It is quite understandable but in the time of today’s fast, complex, dynamic changes, the mindset and energy are becoming ever important to accept changes and act on proactively. Mike, in his very short presentation, energized and motivated audience so that we in turn can bring back to influence our own organizations. I recommend Mike’s if especially looking for a short but effective turn-over in your employees mindset.
      Yohtaro Izumi

      Chief Executive, Financial Holdings, Japan


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